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Affiliate program dating site Inter-Love is the additional earnings on the Internet, a fine way to receive the additional income from a site, earnings web masters and not only. For  successful cooperation we offer you several affiliate programs from which you can choose the most suitable.To become a user of any affiliate program you need to REGISTERED . Then you will receive your PERSONAL CABINET.Fill in all fields of registration only correct information!

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If you have an interesting site where many users, you can join the affiliate program dating site Inter-Love - pay per click, pay for registration, etc. Depending on quality of your traffic, you can earn $3 USA for registration  one questionnaire and $ 0.2 per click. At the introduction we will pay to you $0.20 USA for registration  one questionnaire and $ 0.02 per click. In the process of working together and assess the quality and quantity of the traffic from your site, these numbers will grow.  We give priority to traffic male from : United States, Canada, Britain, Europe, Australia.

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We warn that we do not cooperate with the sites containing racist materials or propagandising illegal activity. Also, we do not add the Web sites with : CY<10 and Pr <1 . The administration has the right to remove such sites without warning and explanation.

Affiliate for people who have no site:

As a rule, we do not refuse to the users, wishing to have earnings in the Internet, and to earn on our affiliate program, except for illegal activity. Therefore, if you do not have a website, but you can send us traffic any other way, then please contact us via the feedback and discuss this type of partnership.


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