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Before signing up for a DATING WEBSITES you must have a clear goal:

Why do you want to register? What do you want from dating? Would you serious dating or just for fun? Choose your own life partner or just infatuation? What would you like to see in your future bride (groom), wife (husband)? What do you like in a partner and what is not?

On all these questions, you should give a clear answer - otherwise you will be so pointless to spend time on the Internet.

The second step in DATING - register on the WEBSITE!

Important factor is honesty in the registration. No need to lie about the weight, height, social status, etc. Naturally  proportions of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's interested for more people,  but yet the only thing that will feel cheated man is irritated. And the development of relations will not be. So do not tell lies. Be honest, talking about you - it will only benefit.

Register on DATING WEBSITE "Inter-Love" is absolutely free for all!

Click "Register online" and fill out the questionnaire. Immediately after filling, to the specified email you should get a notification. If the notice is not come, it means you are not correctly entered your email or there were some problems connecting to your mail service and the best way to change the email to another (eg: yandex for mail, etc.). This problem is easily solved: go to the DATING SITE "Inter-Love"; typing in the "Authorization" identification number (ID) and password, go to your profile and in the "My data"  change your email.

After registration, your profile will be tested by the administrator. During this time you will be accommodated in the galleries of the DATING WEBSITE "Inter-Love" and like the other users to receive messages, surprises, gifts, etc. Testing will last a maximum of 12 hours and then you can use all other functions of the site.
profile + image + photos = success dating on the internet!

  The third step towards DATING - Photos.

Better download studio photography. They can easily be done in any studio. Photos need to upload as JPEG. Desirable size - 600 pixels in height.

If you have any problems with registration or you can not independently upload photos, send them to us at the email [email protected] and we'll help you. It will take some time, because we do not have time to help all users at once.
Do not forget write your return email, ID namber , the name and explain the essence of the problem. Write message without ID and the data we do not consider.

Good luck in your personal life!

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