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What is the most important for Russian ladies?  [2011-05-13]
What is the most important for Russian ladies? Many websites will tell you the same thing that I am going to say now: SECURITY and LOVE. Those two things are the most important. I have read thousands of women's forms with requirements to a potential partner, and almost all of them say: "I want my future husband to love and understand me." The most popular requirement you will see in women's questionnaires is "financially secure". In short, it means, you must have at least a stable job and be able to provide for a family of 3. You do not have to have a six-figure annual income. Having a stable job is good enough; but the better your financial situation, the easier you will make contacts with nice Russian ladies, and the less hassle you will get from the USCIS (former INS) in bringing your fiancée into the country. IN NO WAY DOES THIS... read more

Women from Russia  [2011-05-05]
Women from Russian – I am your resource Be honest with Russian girls Being honest with women always works. They can tell when you are not sincere. Be truthful - at any price- It sounds crazy but try it on Russian girls you will see. Girls have a very low tolerance for insincerity and at an unconscious level can sense when you are not honest. Russian girls. I live in Eastern Europe and have been to Russia and Ukraine many times. I wrote a the only guide for Russian women you will ever need. It is about meeting them, chating with them and getting them to fall in love with you and marry you. Russian girls - Intellect Love sees with the heart and not with the eyes. Women think with their hearts. They will love a charming clever guy who is sweet and has common sense,... read more

Mentality of Russian women.  [2011-04-29]
The mentality of Russian women. Every nation characterized by social and cultural characteristics that are completely unique. These unique characteristics are called mentality. The mentality of Russian women is often associated with the notion of "Russian soul". "Russian soul" - is a symbol of openness, simplicity, a kind of credulity and generosity. That is the differentiates our Russian brides from other nationalities. It should be noted that there was sexual characteristics of Russian mentality. For example, the mentality of Russian women, formed under the influence of traditions, cultures, religions. Russian woman, especially a mother, wife, is a symbol of the support force of the spirit of Russian people. Not for nothing is the symbol of the mother to the Russian people an example of purity of spirit, love and affection. For people of other nationalities mentality of Russian people may not be entirely clear, and sometimes strange. Should not be judged... read more

Russian ladies marrying a foreigner  [2011-04-20]
What need to know Russian ladies marrying a foreigner? My dear, Russian lady, in order to find you a suitable partner, it is desirable to know for what kind of person suited to this role. Respond yourself some questions: What matters most to you in family relationships? What character traits you appreciate? What are the disadvantages husband are ready to accept, even if you deal with them all my life, and with what - never? What is the difference in age you really acceptable? Do you want children in the future marriage, and how much? How would you prefer to spend your free time? What are your financial preferences - to spend money on travel, clothing and jewelry, or just hold off on a rainy day? Who do you see yourself abroad - whether you want to make a career, or to limit the role of housewives? Cute bride, you should know that the identity... read more

Wise wife  [2011-04-18]
Lovely woman, it is time to talk about the wisdom of. What it means to be a wise wife? At once after the wedding, many women do not have the main thing - experience. That will come later, after many years of marriage. And in the meantime you can listen to following advice. Try to always listen carefully to her husband. But just listening is not enough, we must also express itself. But this does not mean throw hysterics if you something do not like. Yes, and the constant discontent could lead to a husband from you disengage. Everyone knows that men do not like when to them constantly refer. So try to do it without noticing it. Express your wishes in the form of hints. So your relationship will not be affected and you will get his. In the end, man will consider himself to make decisions and you will get what you want. Believe me, the constant talk about... read more

World of love!  [2011-04-18]
My dear friends, welcome to the world of love and happiness. It is better to fly in life ..... than at the end. Love gives for us wings! Relationship between two people is fine. Feelings that they feel not pass words. Love – it is something strange, nice. Let the that for us was such a strange and pleasant stay with us. Let the this feeling of love does not leave us, lives with us, inside us. A sense of passion, the sea of emotions overflowed the soul! After all, love - this is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Replenish your reservoirs memories. Time spent on love, will reward you in full! Do not spare forces passionate words. Speak frankly, from the soul, look in your eyes and let the smile never disappears from your lips. Do not be shy your emotions, give them a way out. Love, like singing, is something... read more

About our favorite men.  [2011-04-18]
Today, my lovely lady, we will talk about our favorite men. You probably do not just convinced that every man is important to feel unique. Especially in the eyes of women! Use it. Do not skimp on the courtesy they would make you a social person, reputation. Bringing men to the joy of meeting you, you will feel more comfortable in male company, and your "availability" will open you the door to a rapprochement with the most appealing men. Every woman should know ... Men need Compliments! Praise the man, that he felt special. You recognize it unique, and why you want to invite him to their society, their love. If you are interested in a man, tell him that he is the smartest, most unusual, most interesting of all who you know. You are not deceiving him, and just see what there is. Maybe these qualities in your elect is still not very developed, but under the influence of your... read more

How to make your Russian Woman happy  [2011-04-15]
Languages of love or how to make your RUSSIAN WOMAN happy. Sooner or later the veil falls in love with his eyes, feeling cold. Time comes to work to revive the fire of love in your Russian woman. So, dear man, it is our time to operate. 1 Tell your lovely Russian ladies of "encouraging words." It can be as compliments and praise and approval: "You are a such a beautiful. Thank you for dinner. Everything was very tasty.” Do not flatter speak frankly. 2 Spend your time with your Russian woman. She feels happy and loved, if it "spend time": go to restaurants, watching TV together or talk to general subjects. Sufficiently little time to escape from their cases and talk with your lovely. You not just giving your time, you say: "I love you!" 3 Give your beautiful russian woman presents not only on holidays,... read more

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