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What women want  [2009-10-07]
What women want men to know What if I told you that by doing a few simple things, you could get the woman you love to stop acting in some of the ways that drive you crazy? What if you knew some magic words to say that would work in seconds to make a woman feel like you were the most wonderful mate she could ever imagine? What if I taught you some secret techniques that would make your partner want to have more sex with you? Do I have your attention yet, guys? Does any of this sound interesting? if so, you've come to the right place. I've spent the past 20 years working with tens of thousand of people, about half of them men. Men of all ages and from all backgrounds have opened up and shared with me what... read more

Why a beautiful Russian lady will be interested in me?  [2009-08-05]
You must not look for danger signs all the time. You must trust your lady, and trust your feelings, that's all. If you feel suspicious all the time, you will ruin your relationship.  20 years difference can work, it's possible. Every relationship is special. One of my Russian friends here and her husband have an age difference of 18 years, and they are very happy. If you and your lady are genuine and truly interested in each other, you will make it, though you both will need to work on it. Listen to your intuition, and open your heart to the new relationship. Actually, all issues of age difference should be considered BEFORE you buy addresses or place a personal ad. Many men receive letters from much younger women, but they understand that it may cause problems in future. A huge age gap is an issue in itself, and not only in international marriages. Decide from the beginning which... read more

Russian Brides Online at Free Russian Dating Service  [2009-06-18]
The free Russian site of personals will help you to find your associate. If you are a single Russian lady who lives in Moscow or you are a single man seeking the Russian bride, to date from the online services is the solution for you. The search for a beautiful Russian girl for the marriage is easy and communal ground nowadays when we live this automated day which we make all on the net. The Russian service of dating is the bridge which connects all Moscow singles together for the relationship and the marriage. It there forever of the fees for the use of the completely free Russian service of dating. You never pay anything to find the love and the romance with the free Russian site of dating. Thus, the research of the thousands of Russian singles on line with the service of dating of Moscow is simple and easy. The majority of the bride Russian are afraid to leave the form thus they remain... read more

Single Men Seeking Single Women at Online Dating Services  [2009-06-15]
We have seen too many marriages generated from online dating services these days. We live on this modern world and the Internet has been booming rapidly in the last few years. There are thousands of online dating services emerging to help single men and single women find each other on net. Online dating is the place to find your companion easily and conveniently. It is just too hard to find single people at social places. We do not know whether a person is single or not. We do not want to ask such questions. So, online dating sites are the means to find singles on the Internet. Online dating service helps all local and international single people, including shy singles, disabled singles, and all other single men and women on the world. Gathering together at an online dating site is good for us so we can find for a match from... read more

The Romantic Man.  [2009-06-15]
The Romantic Man Author: Andrew Bicknell Being a man and being labeled a romantic is not always desirable. Or is it? Just because you like pampering your lady doesn't mean that you are any less a man than any other man. You can spend your day finishing your basement, working on your car, just getting your hands dirty so to speak but at the end of that day there's nothing quite like the look of love and care on your significant others face when you cook an impromptu dinner for her. And the benefits of what happens after dinner, or even before you get dinner done, far outweigh any negative connotations being labeled a romantic have. Being a romantic man is not that hard. In most cases it's the little things that women notice. A glance, a quick touch or brush across her back. Sure, flowers are nice,... read more

Why Online Dating is Better Options to Find Your Soul Mate.  [2009-06-14]
In spite of the soaring popularity of the online dating, many people are still hesitant to try it. Some of them are not sure if it is right for them or going to help them any way. But if you go through the articles published across the web, you can find that the online dating has many positive aspects that have overshadowed the traditional dating processes. The busy schedules and individualistic society has forced everyone to limit there area of socialization. On the other hand, cyberspace provides unlimited opportunities for the web users to get in touch with people across the world. Moreover, online dating is an easier way of making new friends. Unlike traditional dating methods, online dating allows you to meet with people virtually, communicate with them, and know them properly before meeting them face-to-face. The advantage is that you can decide... read more

Waiting for My Love on Online Dating.  [2009-03-08]
The world of online dating is perplexing. Sometimes high expectations, achievements and sometimes failure and frustration. After all, it is a part of our life and you can’t expect only pleasure just because it is online dating. Long back, when my grand parents were dating (as they say), it was something different. Most of the time their dating would start with a blind date and it was the common way of meeting a prospective spouse. With the change of time and technology affecting every part of life, dating has also taken a new turn. We, the techno-savvy generation can’t think anything beyond our PCs or laptops. To add to this process, the online dating services are mushrooming to expand the periphery of dating on cyberspace. I have been using online dating services since last six years. I was 19 when I signed up to one of the online dating... read more

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