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Secrets of dating with Russian women!

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Secrets of dating with Russian women! [2011-04-05]

You want to know the secrets of dating with Russian women?

Then welcome to us !

What men love Russian women?
Girls from Russia prefer satellites are much older. Do not be surprised if 20-year-old girl finds an interesting man for 40 years.
Unlike Western women, who adore the ideal sporting body beautiful and courageous person who is, fortunately, other laws of attraction. Small tummy should not be a problem, you can be sexy without pumped media.

"A man should be a little nicer monkeys" - Russian proverb says.
What else can a woman hit a Russian fantasy?

The habit is often smiling. Try to show a positive, sunny side, but do not overdo it. To that in Russia there is another saying: "Laughter for no reason - a sign stupid. Not fundamentally important, and your bank account. Someone who has a car and apartment, already considered to be rich.
What to say about alcohol?

First of all, it makes no sense to joke on the theme of your love for vodka, the girl may not like it. But in any case, do not say you convinced teetotaler, otherwise you will show her an alien.
Even after years of marriage she finds a way to surprise you and keep the passion. Sex - another important factor. Let's just say: very rarely do you hear a classic cause of failure - "I have a headache."

Many of my Russian friends, whom I asked opinion on the matter, admitted that it's hard to believe that many Italians are not interested in sex with their partner. While the Russian women, being passionate lovers, are simultaneously and angels of the hearth. At the tender age they are already trained for all the housework. They are perfectly cooked, not forgetting to exercise imagination. Many of them know how to sew - as if by magic piece of fabric they make a fashionable dress.

Justin, 31, an architect, Toulouse: Russian women are very feminine and luxurious. These women want to wear on their hands, to dress in furs and carry them any wish. In contrast, French women are more liberated in a relationship, often find themselves taking the first steps, easily offended, but disposed quickly to forgive with them is fun and easy, every day as a holiday.
Believe me, do not you critics say, you should not lose chance to meet Russian ladies!

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